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applying for free goverment loans

tmary started this conversation

I am trying to apply for a free goverment loan but every site that I go too always wants you to buy there stuff isnt there a site that you can just apply for free?? Help

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BaddCatt   in reply to art clever
Hello art clever.

When you say the youth of "SA" - Where are you referring to? I can't give you accurate advice until I know where you're located. I can tell you that there are no U.S. Government grants to teach in art in another country. But there may be private foundations that would give grants for that purpose.
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art clever
I would like to apply for a FREE GOVERMENT Loan to start a busness where i would go to schools to teach highshool students to do different art work-as well as school them on behavior an enviroment to strart there own ways in life to make money- and so create different ways to aducate and learn our yougths to create and be ready to go into the furture with confidince and to do how it shuould have been done -I feel the youth of SA has no real guidance on how to be confindence
SO this is my reason and I feel it is Urgent to start it now.
Could I attend a Goverment meeting and when and how do I get an answer- WHO do I contact with my so willing wentcher. I do have a young black woman who is already trained to start this with me.
Do I have to register etc. I have a busness making handmade glass vases and other art things we do.

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baby blue
they say it is free but when you fill out the info they want money from you, we would do it if did not need the money, there is nothing I have found that does want some fee for the apply area
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How do I get free money for unexpected bills I need to know . And wht I have to do to apply .
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I agreed I don't have money to apply for a free loan how else can I apply
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how do you apply fore a goverment loan free money all i see is to buy
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 in response to Estate Money...   need money to pay bills, buy a car, buy kids clothes and shoes,need eyeclasses
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Estate Money
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jack sprat
im trying to gert aloan for my 2 boys &husband,for a home............ please help...........
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I want a loan to buy a car.
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Most the site to apply for Free of Goverment loans are Spam and they are Not for Free Applications to Apply for ?????!!!! Why they're always a Charged and So Difficulty to Deal with????!!!!! . This is Not Good for Most of American Citizens when They/ We/Us do really needed these Helps from....!!!!! We all hopefully our Goverment 'll fine the way to Treat Us Right and That what We Have Had been Pay Taxes for and from what We had Hardly Earned from ......Etc....!!!!
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If congress want your vote and mine, they have to work for it. It their job to work for us and slove the problems for the American peoples. If they do not wish to work with the President, it time to vote them out.

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why are goverment loans have to be so complicated to apply for? my husband & i wanted to start our own business but tried to apply for a grant but it was too complicated to apply for or you had to buy a CD. why can't their be an application to fill out ?
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 in response to poorbabe15...   i have a job that dont give very many hours and wont give a raise and ive been there 3 years...i need help paying my light bill and getting my car fix..
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I want to kno if there's a loan that could be given to help build a church?

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 in response to poorbabe15...   be strong
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go to long as you can decipher government gar-gen you can apply and receive grants right from the government. Alot of grants don't have any fees......but a few do have fees mainly as an incentive to use the money as applied.

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Dave S
 in response to poorbabe15...   Get the father to pay Child support! That will help you out. What about your family? They should help too! Take lessons from Mexico!
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